Selfie stations

Selfie stations are both a photo booth and social media kiosk in a single package. Selfie stations are a new type of photo booth design and allow for immediate integration of your guest's social media channels so they can share any of the media they make directly on their platform of choice. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, it doesn’t matter, we can post to them!

Selfie Station FAQ's

How Long can you rent the Selfie Station?

We have many options:
We have lease programs for businesses, venues, and trade shows.
We provide weekend rentals.
We provide day rentals.

What is included with the Selfie Station?

Pick up and drop off from our main office
Customized animated GIF and Photo template designs
Unlimited photo sessions
Unlimited Text, Email and Social Sharing
Online Web Gallery

Can you Brand the selfie Station?

Yes, you can brand the selfie station! The is great for trade shows, corporate events, or any event you would like to promote.

Does the Selfie Station Print?

The selfie station is a digital photo booth. The Boomerang, GIF's, and photos can all be shared through email, text and social media.