Green Screen

Movies have utilized green screen technology to transport actors to fantastic places both real and fantastic. The green screen technology we offer our clients allows for your guests to be transported to the moon or the Eiffel Tower! Check out our dozens of backgrounds and find the one that will make your event shine.

Green Screen Examples


Why Choose Green Screen?

Our photo booths use the latest technology by providing green screen entertainment. Your guest get to experience and interact with being in different places without leaving the party! Guests get a great experience!

What is a Green Screen?

Our photo booth green screen works by taking a picture of the guest, then our software places them in front of the background. The guest can choose from multiple backgrounds, like a magazine cover, beach scenes, city scape, themed poster, and much more. The green screen is great for parties, weddings, corporate events, celebrations, trade shows, Bar  and Bat Mitzvah, and any other type of event you wish to celebrate.

What is Included in the Green Screen Package?

-Unlimited Photo Sessions
-Onsite Operator
-Social Media Sharing Station
-Set up and Break down
-Online Web Gallery
-Up to 3 background choices

Can the Photos be branded?

-Yes the Photos can be branded.
-The Photo Booth itself can be branded for corporate events and trade shows as well.
-We can use any logo and Overlay you may have.