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Animated GIF/Boomerang

Do you remember flip books? A GIF is exactly that but in digital form. A single video segment is looped and will auto play when the file is opened. These video files are fantastic since they are compact and can be sent in most e-mail programs. Boomerang is a feature that can rewind a GIF right before your eyes. Spice your next corporate event or make prom something fun to attend with this handy feature!

Animated gif/boomerang

Animated gif and boomerang Faq's

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a sequence of photos to make it look like a video loop. This is a great and fun features to post online for corporate events, parties, sweet 16, weddings, and all other types of events.

What is the Difference between a Gif and a Photo booth

The Photo Booth takes 3 or 4 photos and they are put into a template that prints out.
The GIF takes the photos and loops them together to share online using
-Social Media

Can you print the GIF?

The GIF or Boomerang does not print, however, we can set up the photo booth to have two options. Photo Strips or GIF's and the guest can choose on the spot.

Can You Brand The GIF?

Yes, we can! We can customize your GIF template to meet your specifications. This is great for weddings, activations, corporate events, and more!